Course Rotation

Most coursework for the MSIT program is on offer from the following departments:

    ITIS - Software and Information Systems
    ITCS - Computer Science
    DSBA - Computer Science & Software and Information Systems
    MBAD - MBA Program

Graduate courses offered by the Department of Software and Information Systems (with course code ITIS) follow a course rotation schedule outlined below which may be subject to change due to enrollments and other factors.


Course Title Fall Spring Summer Requirement
ITIS 6120 Applied Databases X X   Core
ITIS 5166 Network Based Application Development X X   Core
ITIS 6112/8112 Software System Design & Implementation X X   Core
ITIS 6200/8200 Principles of Information Security & Privacy X X   Core
ITIS 6342 Information Technology Project Management X X X Core
ITIS 6400/8400 Principles of HCI X X   Core
ITIS 5110 Introduction to Agent-Based Models and Simulations X      
ITIS 5180 Mobile Application Development X X X  
ITIS 5221 Secure Programming and Penetration Testing X X    
ITIS 5250 Computer Forensics X X    
ITIS 5510 Web Mining   X    
ITIS 6010/8010 Topics in Software & Information Systems X      
ITIS 6011/8011 Interaction Design Studio   X    
ITIS 6150/8150 Software Assurance        
ITIS 6167/8167 Network Security X X    
TIS 6177 System Integration X X    
ITIS 6201 Computer Security, Privacy & Legal Issues X X    
ITIS 6210/8210 Access Control & Security Architecture X      
ITIS 6220/8220 Data Privacy X      
ITIS 6230/8230 Information Infrastructure Protection X      
ITIS 6240/8240 Applied Cryptography   X    
ITIS 6320 Cloud Data Storage X      
ITIS 6362 Information Technology Ethics, Policy & Security X      
ITIS 6400/8400 Principles of HCI   X    
ITIS 6410 Personalization & Recommendation Systems        
ITIS 6420 Usable Security & Privacy   X    
ITIS 6500/8500 Complex Adaptive Science   X    
ITIS 6520 Network Science X      
Other courses On demand On demand On demand