Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Information Technology

The Master of Science in Information Technology degree must meet both the University wide graduate degree requirements as specified in the Graduate Catalogs and the following degree specific requirements.

The MSIT degree specific requirements include a total of 30 graduate credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.0 at all times.  The requirement of 30 credit hours comprises 3 parts (the 6+3+1 rule):

  1. a core component of 6 courses worth 18 credit hours,
  2. a concentration component of 3 courses worth 9 credit hours (all of which must be from the SAME concentration),
  3. an elective course worth 3 credit hours.

Additionally the following requirements must be met:

  1. At most 12 credit hours of course work may be taken from outside of the courses offered by the Department of Software and Information Systems.
  2. At least 15 credit hours must be taken from 6000 level or above courses.
  3. No more than 3 credit hours may be taken for Individual Study.
  4. A maximum of 6 graduate credit hours may be transferred from other institutions.

Core Component

The core Component consists of the following 6 courses:

  1. ITIS 6120 Applied Databases (may be substituted with ITCS 6160 Database Systems)
  2. ITIS 5166 Network-Based Application Development
  3. ITIS 6112 Software System Design and Implementation
  4. ITIS 6200 Principles of Information Security and Privacy
  5. ITIS 6342 Information Technology Project Management
  6. ITIS 6400 Principles of Human Computer Interaction *

* Students who started master's studies prior to Fall 2014 may select "ITIS 6177 System Integration" as a core course in place of "ITIS 6400 Principles of Human Computer Interaction". If ITIS 6177 is selected as a core course, then it cannot be double-counted towards a concentration.

Concentration Component

Currently MSIT program offers the following concentrations:

  1. Advanced Data and Knowledge Discovery
  2. Design
  3. Emerging Technologies
  4. Human-Computer Interaction
  5. Information Security and Privacy
  6. Information Technology Management
  7. Software Systems Design and Engineering
  8. Web Development

Each student is required to select one concentration and complete 3 courses selected from the list of approved courses for the specific concentration.

Among the 9 credit hours for a concentration, 6 may be substituted with a master’s research thesis. The topic for the research thesis must fall within the area of concentration.

Subject to the approval of the MSIT Program Coordinator, a course from outside of the approved list for a concentration may be taken as a substitute for a course for the concentration.

Elective Component

Students fulfill the remaining requirements for a MSIT degree by completing an approved elective course in the area of information technology.

The elective requirements may also be met by taking up an internship worth 3 credit hours as defined in ITIS 6198 IT Internship Project.