Software is the driving force of the emerging information economy. The Department of Software and Information Systems focuses on issues related to developing software, developing information systems, and the interactions between people and the information systems they use.

The B.A. degree produces well-rounded students highly qualified to pursue a wide variety of careers in Information Technology developing large-scale information systems. In addition, the degree effectively prepares students to pursue graduate studies in Information Technology and related application development areas. Students may choose to focus on a number of academic areas such as:

  • Network-based application development
  • Software Engineering
  • e-Business Technologies
  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Design and implementation of Information Environments

Committed to preparing students to match the diverse requirements of employers, the Department offers both a major and a minor in Software and Information Systems.

An Information Assurance (IA) focus is available to all Software and Information Systems majors. It consists of 15 credit hours as follows:

  • ITIS 2110 IT Infrastructure I: Design and Practice (2 credit hour lecture, 1 credit hour lab)
  • ITIS 3110 IT Infrastructure II: Design and Practice (2 credit hour lecture, 1 credit hour lab)
  • ITIS 3200 Introduction to Information Security and Privacy (3 credit hours)
  • ITCS 3688 Computers and Society (3 credit hours)

plus one of the following

  • ITIS 4250 Computer Forensics (3 credit hours)
  • ITIS 4221 Secure Programming and Penetration Testing (3 credit hours)

Students interested in studying theory of computing or algorithm development should contact the Department of Computer Science to explore other degree options.