Major in SIS - Program Requirements (2006 catalog)

The following requirements apply to students enrolling for the first time in Fall 2006. Students who were enrolled prior to Fall 2006 may complete the requirements in effect when they were originally admitted but have the option to complete the requirements listed below instead.

The B.A. degree requires 120 credit hours: 54 hours of major-specific courses, 15 hours of student-selected concentration courses, 12 hours of mathematics and statistics, and 39 hours of general education requirements, liberal studies, and electives. Complete course descriptions are available in the University Catalog.

The required major courses are:

  • ITCS 1214 Introduction to Computer Science I
  • ITCS 1215 Introduction to Computer Science II
  • ITCS 2175 Logic and Algorithms
  • ITCS 2214 Data Structures
  • ITCS 2215 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • ITIS 2300 Web-Based Application Development
  • ITCS 3143 Operating Systems
  • ITCS 3160 Data Base Design and Implementation
  • ITCS 3166 Introduction to Computer Networks
  • ITIS 3200 Introduction to Information Security and Privacy
  • ITIS 3300 Software Requirements and Project Management
  • ITIS 3310 Software Architecture and Design
  • ITIS 3320 Introduction to Software Testing and Assurance
  • ITCS 3688 Computers and Their Impact on Society
  • Four ITIS/ITCS upper division (i.e., 3000- or 4000-level) electives
  • Two sets of mathematics/statistics courses are available. The student may choose a Business option consisting of MATH 1120, 2164, and STAT 1220, 1223 or an Engineering option consisting of MATH 1241, 1242, 2164, and STAT 2122.

The student-selected concentration encompasses 15 semester hours of courses that form a coherent area of study related to developing information systems applications. Selected in consultation with their advisor, these courses provide students with the freedom to tailor their undergraduate education to more closely meet their personal goals and help them prepare for specific careers that fulfill their individual interests.