Minor in SIS - Program Requirements

Designed to enhance the educational development of any undergraduate regardless of major, the SIS minor provides students with the Information Technology knowledge necessary to actively participate in today’s information-based society. Students will gain hands-on experience using the Internet to develop effective and easy-to-use applications. In addition, they will understand critical issues in designing information systems such as requirements development, systems integration, security and privacy, legal and policy considerations, and software project management; issues affecting ever-increasing segments of the population from all walks of life. The curriculum is designed to provide the appropriate background and experience so that any student in any major can utilize the Internet to accomplish goals specific to their personal interests. No previous programming or technical experience is necessary to enroll.

This program requires 6 courses totaling 18 credit hours. Students in all majors may be able to use these courses as electives. The following 3 courses are required:

  • ITCS 1212 Introduction to Computer Science I
  • ITIS 2300 Introduction to Web-Based Application Development
  • ITIS 3132 Information Systems

The remaining 3 courses must be selected from the following:

  • ITCS 1213 Introduction to Computer Science II
  • ITIS 3130 Human and Computer Interfaces
  • ITIS 3131 Human and Computer Information Processing
  • ITIS 3200 Introduction to Information Security and Privacy
  • ITCS 3160 Data Base Design and Implementation*
  • ITCS 3688 Computers and Their Impact on Society**
  • ITIS 4250 Computer Forensics***

**This course meets the General Education Requirements for written and oral communications.
***ITIS 2300 must be taken as a prerequisite.